How I Managed To Lose $4k In Las Vegas

Random Observations

This story is long overdue and I didn’t know how to best to tell it. It’s always hard to talk about one’s own misfortunes, especially about how a person would manage to lose $4k in Las Vegas. I decided to talk about it anyways due to another post I came across (maybe on Twitter). An older […]

May 4, 2018

FI Poetry Slam – No Bongos Needed

Random Observations

I could never turn away from a poetry slam since CripsyDoc decided to start one on Rockstar Finance Forums. It’s always fun to participate in something like this once in a while. Can’t let my fellow bloggers CrispyDoc,  BudgetKitty, I Dream of FIRE and MySonsFather have all the fun. Please check out their creative poems. Hope […]

April 30, 2018