FI Poetry Slam – No Bongos Needed

Random Observations / Monday, April 30th, 2018

I could never turn away from a poetry slam since CripsyDoc decided to start one on Rockstar Finance Forums. It’s always fun to participate in something like this once in a while.

Can’t let my fellow bloggers CrispyDocBudgetKitty, I Dream of FIRE and MySonsFather have all the fun. Please check out their creative poems.

Hope some of you will enjoy this break from the usual finance content.

Mourn Not the FI

(This one was inspired by Ralph Chaplin with all credits to him)

Mourn not the ones who sacrifice to build wealth—
consumer goods dust unto dust—
Eventually all electronics get outdated and cars rust
As all physical goods must;

Mourn not those who enjoy bringing their lunches from home—
With much skills to cook—
Preparing each healthy ingredient meticulously,
Feasting to feel alive;

But rather mourn those who has not felt the warmth of FIRE—
The wasteful and the spendthrift—
Who trade their life’s great treasure, time
And dare not save!


Vanguard Jack Bogle
Fees as low as possibly
Saint to all investors


Off to work I go
With some numbers on my mind
Four more years to go


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