About Me

Just a few things first…

I grew up lower middle class in a single parent household. My dad essentially called it quits on the family. It’s always hard to write an about me starting off with things like that.

The separation of my parents and other uncontrollable circumstances has caused some difficulties when growing up as a young adult. The experience has made my mother and I much stronger people. For some time, we did see some levels of poverty firsthand.

I’ve seen the tremendous amounts of stress my mother experienced due to money issues during that period. This forced her to have to work in toxic environments, so that our family’s livelihood wasn’t affected. Even so, we were never hungry, thanks to my mother’s work ethic. Thanks also go out to family friends and other social nets. This has impacted me dramatically as a person.

At that period of my life, I didn’t fully understand, so this lead to me often feeling angry and resentful when I saw others having a much easier time. Energy was being wasted.

Even with the resentment, along the way, I have met some amazing people who mentored and guided me with the wisdom of their own life experiences. It was a blessing to have met such people in my life thus far.

My mentors made sure that I stay out of trouble. It sounds extremely cliche, but it’s a fact. They were also the ones who got me interested in personal finance and the concept of financial independence.

Why financial independence?

Financial independence to me is a way to allow me to free up my time and hopefully help others who had took their time to help me. I feel that I owe a great debt to those who has helped me and that the only way to repay them is to pass it forward.

It also allows me to express my opinions and views without worrying about repercussions, due to only a difference of opinion.

People’s self-inflicted helplessness and laziness is not useful. It is possible to turn things around through perseverance, resourcefulness and resilience. Everyone goes through rough patches in their lives. Things can and will get better – if you put in the work.

The blog is doesn’t have a niche, as I feel that the reader is intelligent and will see through such gimmicks. My hopes are that this blog could help motivate others who are just starting on their journey and entertain those who are already advanced in financial knowledge. FIRE is a long, boring and difficult trek to go at it alone.

My other hope is the blog will assist in improving my writing. I know this as one of my weaknesses. The blog is also a way for me to communicate with others, as I am a bit introverted by nature and perhaps, even antisocial.

This blog is probably more for me to put my thoughts into a physical form to share, but I hope that it will help you, in any small way.

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About me TLDR Stats:

  • Currently in my 30’s. Getting old…
  • Lives on the West Coast with my girlfriend
  • Working in logistics, purchasing and international trade (aka supply chain)
  • Not an engineer, nor am I paid as well as one
  • Earned some industry certification in the field, but plan on changing fields
  • Likes to cook (and eat).
  • Plays more PC games than one probably should
  • Loves hockey, but can’t skate worth a lick
  • Donates blood and doesn’t do enough volunteer work
  • Rants way too much…
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